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Radiohead- All I Need

service list- 050408

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This Road-

Amazing Love-

All who are thirsty-

Amazing Grace

Thank you for hearing me-

(psalm) 40-

More commentary to appear.. although my first is that I was fighting my tuners on my Burns guitar.  I can’t quite figure it out- I tuned immediately before the service began, and the tuners simply went out.  This sort of started the “distraction” of focusing on “This Road”.  Pretty much, at least from my part, “This Road” led to the dumpster…  Ughhh…  Well, it was a lesson in humility, and especially on remembering that my job, my charge, is not to be the actual leader of worship- that my “performance”, good, bad, ugly- has only to point to Christ, and that all leadership turns to him.  Anyway… tuners still acting up, I am made some adjustments in my playing for the first 3 songs, with a new resolve to get a floor tuner, as much as I love my chromatic hand held one…

props to Randall for fantastic drumming this week!

Worship Set 4-27-08

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Invitation to worship the Nicene Creed together, with chords played underneath
2.Come, Now is the time to Worship- Minor version, transition into major
3. Hallelujah What a savior-Slower “tribal” version
4. We Fall Down (do the lay down the crown bit…)

5. It is Well- lay it back a bit, instrumental intro for Communion
use the minor version worked up
6. Take my life- outro transitions into a brief version of “All Hail the Power”
7. All Hail the Power of Jesus Name- (first verse only, transition from last song)

We did a few “unorthodox” things this evening- the first being incorporating the Nicene Creed as a starting block for the evening. Not only did it provide a much needed centering to our gathering, it also dovetailed very nicely into our ongoing study of Acts and the Early Church. While not quite as “early”, the creed is the product of the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the faithful yearnings of the Faithful.

Additionally, 2 special arrangements were made, first with “Come, now is the time”, which was dropped to the relative minor (and the chords were played underneath the prayer), and second with “It is well”. Which is a shame, because the traditional hymn is beautiful; but, the arrangement was quite well received, I thought anyway…

Also, we used my old Yamaha CP30- not quite a Rhodes, not quite a synth- it’s its own deal…

Those are the mechanics of things… it’s hard to comment on the spiritual end of things at the moment.

Of Song Sets, Long Thoughts, and…ooh, is that something shiny over there?

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So, as I am officially 4 days into my “sabbatical”, I believed that I would have an unreasonably easy time pulling together a coherent song set that would enhance the reading of Acts. I mean, I am a virtual listening post right now, right? Ummm… yeah. Actually, I think it took me twice as long as usual- thank goodness George doesn’t have a hammer. At any rate, this whole process has gotten me thinking- what is a prayerful and measured approach to stringing songs together? Is there some formula that I am unaware of? Is there a different way than doing partial covers of “NOW that’s what I call Worship” CD’s or bludgeoning folks with hymnals? How does one balance the responsibility of responding wholeheartedly, while doing it within the means of his/her ability to lead and within the means of the congregation to understand? Wait… is that Battlestar Galactica streaming over there? Okay… frustrations will bask in the unadulterated distraction of Cylons and FTL drives….

Chew Nothing

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Why we worship-
Why, literally in God’s name, do we sing songs in gathering? Why do we, every week, pull together a power point of sings with cleverly chosen images, why do we do three songs followed by greeting time, sermon, and 2-3 “responsive songs” designed to psychologically tap into our sense of guilt/shame/relief/etc. so we can leave feeling happy and pleasant, if only a little unfulfilled. Ummm…this smacks of laziness on our part at the very best, and God is probably thinking, “Umm, hey- thanks for the 20 minutes of Smooth Jazz. There were some nice chord changes, but mostly it was wanky, wonky, and merely only pleasant.” I am paraphrasing here (and oversimplifying on a MASSIVE SCALE), but I firmly believe that we aren’t getting it AT ALL, at Quest or at most churches here in the US of A.

The reason that we sing, as far as I can see it (through my historical training and observations) is that singing and music identify us as a people group, that they are outpourings of our artistic heritage, that the songs and words we sing are grounded in firm theology that is transcendent of our current historical context, and, more simply, it is a public and communal affirmation of the beliefs and truths that we hold in Christ. It is nothing more, it is nothing less, but at the same time profound beyond our comprehension. We sing because we have to sing. We create because that’s what our Creator did, and we are in His image. When I think of these things, and I think of our practice of worship both as a Quest worship leader and as an American Christian, I get a sense of having eaten an entire box of crackers- filled with homogenous, carbohydrate meal replacement that is dry, only slightly salty, plain, and has perfectly spoiled the 5 course meal I could have had if I wanted to wait around to prepare it. In other words, we took a short cut to snack-ville, and we spoiled our dinner. Again, I am oversimplifying here, but hey, that’s how I roll.

This is my first post, and it’s my hope that through some dialogue and conversation, we can elevate the discipline of worship at Quest Church in Seattle. Thanks for reading!